The Voidcruiser

Alpine Repo

Disclaimer: It should be noted that there is no guarentee of these packages being properly maintained and kept up to date. If there is anything that needs to be brought to my attention, don't hesiate to send me an email.

To add any of these repositories you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Add my signing key with # wget -qO /etc/apk/keys/
  2. Add the<reponame> to your /etc/apk/repositories file;
    eg # echo >> /etc/apk/repositories
  3. Run # apk update
Now you will be able to install the packages listed in this repo. For instance my dwm fork can be installed with # apk add dwm-void.

The suckless repo contains my forks of various suckless utilities. The edge and stable repos contain two different versions of a meta package containing packages I frequently use. The reason for different repos is discrepancies between the official edge and stable repos.

Index of /

Index of /

edge/                                              28-Jul-2022 12:35       -
pi/                                                12-Jul-2023 16:10       -
src/                                               23-Jul-2023 16:36       -
stable/                                            28-Jul-2022 13:29       -
suckless/                                          28-Jul-2022 13:30       -